Published by corrupt press (Paris) in December 2013. Cover photo by David Heg. Order your signed copy here.

"Stone Bride Madrigals, what a lion with terror. What a white blanket baptism in a dreamy kind of rain. What Nicolette has done here is capture the sounds of colors--textures slashed across landscapes, illuminating the bodies and minds of the collection's inhabitants for the disintegrating matter that they are. They have choked a hole, goes the tangle of her text. They have choked a hole." --David Tomaloff, author of SLEEP (Plain Wrap Press)

"...piece-by-piece the poems unfold, revealing complex layers and registry specific to a scene--then a few scenes, culminating into a polished vision built by an unbending poetess...You don't feel the stories, but rather the conjuring after they've come upon you." --Zach Fishel, review of Stone Bride Madrigals at Red Paint Hill Publishing

"...a collection of melodic fragments, often gorgeous, often disturbing." --Kathleen Kirk, "Rags of Rigour" at Escape Into Life

"To read a series by Nicolette Wong is to consider the close proximity of the poem to the storm, to the grounds of the death of connection, to the moments of the dissipated boundary, to the echo of embodiment and the ceasing of the end of the pattern of scars." --Greg Bem, review at Yellow Rabbits

Video reading of "To Call This Honest House" by Nicolette Wong