Selected publications:

Through the Ice (with David Heg), swifts & slows
Knots, Rogue Agent
"Tunnel" (with David Heg), Silver Stork
Two poems (with David Heg), Posit
Two poems (with David Heg), Otoliths
"Smoke", Bellingham Review
"Pilgrimage", Crab Orchard Review
"Nemeses", Toe Good Poetry
Two poems, Connotation Press: An Online Artifact
"Why I Write", Stymie Magazine
Three poems (p.40-44) Glass Eye Chandelier: Anthology of Literature and Art
Three poems, Eratio Poetry
Three poems, Gone Lawn (& Best Indie Lit New England anthology)
Featured Non-fiction, Unshod Quills
"Alyssa", Smoking Mirrors, Connotation Press
Four poems, Otoliths
"Pastoral Hide & Seek", YB Poetry
"The Runaway Conductor", Thrush Poetry Journal
Four poems, Escape Into Life
Three Poems, Literary Orphans
"Throw", Lost In Thought
"The Watchman", Full of Crow
"Last Night On Oil Street", fwriction : review
"As Pleat", Blue Fifth Review

The Ofi Press Magazine
National Poetry Month: Featured Poet, Entropy
Conversation on "Last Night On Oil Street" with Susan Tepper, Fictionaut

Art writing blog: 
Some Summer They Drop Like Flys